The Three Little Whirligig Pigs

The Three Little Whirligig Pigs

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. One pig had a house built of straw and the second pig had a house built of sticks and the third pig built a house of bricks. They each carried around a whirligig, a sort of pinwheel, because they loved to watch them spin. The straw house pig carried a small whirligig, the stick house pig carried a middle sized whirligig, and the brick house pig carried the biggest whirligig of them all.

The whirligigs were a source of delight for the pigs. They would take their whirligigs everywhere. One hot summer day they decided to go to the beach. They grabbed their beach chairs and their sun hats and their whirligigs and headed for the ocean.

Then just as they got out of their car and unloaded their whirligigs a terrific wind came upon them. The pig with the small whirligig was blown to the ground. The pig with the medium sized whirligig was sent hopping further away from the beach with every gust of wind. And the pig with the biggest whirligig was sent flying away, up into the clear blue sky.

The Moral of this fable:  Be careful about the nature of those things that provide delight, as you might get carried away.

NOTE: Understanding the power of the things that you have is a great responsibility, something that no business should overlook. Before asking for new systems, or new solutions it is important to understand the power of what the business already owns. Otherwise you will be spinning your wheels, and while there is the appearance of being busy, it can carry any business off into the wild blue yonder.

Those things that often delight us, can sometimes be overtly distracting.