Mary Had a Little Scam

Mary had a Little Scam

Once upon a time there was a pretty girl named Mary who had a little scam. Every chance that Mary had she would fleece everyone she knew, for everywhere that Mary went her scam would go there too. Her scam was selling magic lanterns to those with lots of wishes, for in each lantern lived a magic genie who would grant three wishes.

There were some customers who were looking for love, others who needed a job, and still others who were sick who wanted to be well.  There were so many needs and unfilled wishes that Mary made quite a good living for herself selling all the lanterns she made. As she traveled the countryside she sold the wishing lanterns as fast as she could make them.

Then one day Mary doubled back through a town that she had visited a few weeks before and she ran into a little boy. The boy recognized her and said, “I know you, you are that magic lamp lady. My father and I made our wishes very carefully. We wanted proof that the lamp worked. First of all we wished for some extra money to help the family, and nothing happened. Then we wished for a bigger house, and nothing happened. Then we wished for more food and no food came.”

“Tell me, did you rub the lamp the way I had recommended?” asked the lamp lady. “We did not rub it at all,” said the boy, “I will go and tell my father to try that.” The boy hurried down the road to tell his father and Mary went on her merry scamming way.

The Moral of the fable: Hollow promises are only wishes made of lies, never trust anyone who isn’t willing to work hard to keep their customers satisfied.

NOTE: Businesses often search out the next best product to make their business better. But, before buying anything it is best to determine what makes up the package and set expectations for the way in which it will bring success. Otherwise, the business could be left holding an empty promise.

Trust is important, and building trust takes time.