Little Red Finding Good

Little Red Finding Good

There once was a girl who loved delicious good apples, her name was Little Red and she would pick as many good apples as she could to sell. Little Red took pride in picking the ripest and most shiny red apples from all the trees in her orchard. She would say that, “A good red apple is the best dessert, and any bad applies are only meant for the farm animals and the dirt.”

From her own experience, she knew just when an apple was ready to be picked, and during apple picking season she was very busy. She would fill up her basket from sun up to sundown picking only the best apples to sell her customers in town.

One year she had so many good apples she worried about selling them before they turned rotten. So she started to make apple sauce, apple juice, and apple jelly. All her customers knew that she only used the best apples and trusted that her new products were jolly good for their bellies. And by the end of the season Little Red had sold all her apples, in one form or another, and planted the apple core seeds to ensure the next year would be plentiful.

The Moral of the fable: Natural goodness can go a long way, making good products with pure goodness is bound to make for good business.

NOTE: Every business owner learns a lot from their customers. To keep customers happy it is a good idea to make good products which can only result in continued good business.

 Finding good in everything is sometimes hard, but worth it.