The Lead Business Analyst has an opportunity to exercise their leadership skills. However, title designations would not limit the opportunity to share knowledge pertaining to the profession. As with all analysts, “influence” plays a big part in how we convey the message we want to share. We never know what we might say to influence someone, so the task of trying to influence is very important. The power is in the message.

Below is my original “BA Project Life Cycle” model. Around the outside is the basic SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and on the inside circle are all the key project tasks to manifest a successful project.

BA Project Life Cycle

BA Project Life Cycle

To further enrich the task of sharing knowledge and expertise I have created  some presentations for you to share with your BA team to further promote the BA profession and the important work we do. These are presentations that offer “tips and tactics from the trenches,” which is where all the real work occurs. Several more presentations will be coming soon!

“Discovery to Maturity” (14 slides)

“The Beauty of the Beneficial Business Case” (14 Slides)

“Writing Requirements to Get Validation Satisfaction” (14 slides)

“Identifying Problems to Plan an Approach to Achieve Success” (14 slides)

These presentations are available on the “Shop” page.