Goldielocks and The Three Dares

Goldielocks and the Three Spares

There once was a girl named Goldielocks, whom as you may know, wandered into somebody’s house and tasted their porridge, broke one of the home owner’s chairs, and tested the comfort of all their beds. When the homeowner’s came home and she was discovered, she ran from the house. But then, because she liked to have things “just right,” she started a career as a party planner.

She was the best Party Planner around and her popularity was partly due to the way in which she made amends with the family whose house she had invaded. For after she was seen running from the family’s house, she returned the next day with bags of food, a new chair to replace the broken one, and new bedding for all the beds.  She explained how she had learned her lesson and wanted to become the best party planner around. From that day forward her reputation became more popular as she always followed her motto, “Planning Parties can be lots of fun, but only when there are spares enough for everyone.”

She had learned her lesson from eating food that was not offered to her, by accidentally breaking a chair that was not hers, and by messing up the linens of all three beds in her attempt to find the most comfortable one. Goldielocks knew how to protect against mayhem and those unexpected mishaps that would dampen everyone’s fun.  After all, fun was the focus of every party and it was no party if everyone wasn’t having fun.

Needless to say, by ensuring that she always had a spare, in the three main areas that were foundation to all the party fun, her business blossomed and she was very successful as a party planner.

The Moral of the fable: When in the midst of having fun and an unforeseen mishap occurs, it is best to have several spare options, to ensure success for everyone.

NOTE: In the business world when an uninvited guest brings disaster, it is a good idea to be prepared with some alternative recommendations. As it is the responsibility of every expert to identify risk and mitigate concerns in order to continue doing good business.

It is also widely known that if you take care of your customers, they will take care of you. Good customer service is priceless.