There once was a young lady named Cinder who loved to sell shoes.  She was so good at selling shoes it was said she once sold of pair of high heels to a snake. All the shoes that she sold she bought at bulk wholesale prices and then sticker priced them at five times her cost.

Cinder had every type of shoe anyone could ever want. There were pink patent leather pumps, there were woven cows hide sandals, there were checkerboard sequin baby-doll shoes, and velvet red satin high heels. There were even deerskin moccasins with bells and baby blue rain boots with whistles. Everyone who came into her shop left with one pair, or several pairs, of new shoes.

Then one day, as Cinder was opening up her shop a customer came in with a pair of shoes that she wanted to return. Cinder showed her the sign that said “All Sales Are Final”. But the lady complained that they were not exactly what she had wanted. “They hurt my feet and the color does not match my dress perfectly,” said the lady. Cinder showed her another pair of shoes that might suit her needs and the lady was pleased. “Oh, yes, these are much more comfortable and they match my dress perfectly.” Cinder then negotiated with the lady and offered a discount on the shoes. The lady was thrilled with the bargain she had made and the lady walked out of the store with yet another new pair of shoes.

The Moral of the fable: It is all so easy to get distracted by all the bells and whistles, if you are in the market to buy something first know exactly what it is that you want.

NOTE: When it comes to wide assortment of business applications and tools on the market there are often times when a great salesman can sell anything. It is important first of all to know what you need and want before buying anything. Otherwise, you could pay for “bell & whistles” that were never needed.

It is always all about the sale!