Alice in Funderland

There once was a girl named Alice who loved to linger in the land of fun. Everywhere she looked there was fun to be had, but all of the fun came at a cost. Plus, the more exciting rides looked scary and involved taking a risk. The challenge was all in figuring out what sort of fun she wanted for the $10.00 she had budgeted.

The roller coaster cost $3.00 dollars, but she did not like the loud rattling of the track, the cars shaking, and the other people screaming. So she turned her attention to the Ferris wheel which only cost $2.00. She liked the idea of being up high and being able to see the landscape around her and the ease at which it turned around.

She also liked the Merry-Go-Round. Riding on the pretty painted horses as they moved around and up and down while listening to the sound of jolly organ play was exactly what she wanted. The Merry-Go-Round cost $1.00 for each ride.

Alice figured that she could ride the Ferris wheel twice and the Merry-Go-Round four times and still have money left over for cotton candy. So, she smiled with satisfaction and enjoyed a perfect day in Funderland.

The Moral of this fable: When going for a ride, be sure that you get what you pay for.

NOTE: It is important to understand the risks associated with the choices in purchasing anything; fun, hardware, software, services, products…cause it is all about getting satisfaction.

 It is also all about bugeting funds for the fun to be had.